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New Stationery from Taiwan: OURS, Lennon Tool Bar and Opus 88

New Stationery from Taiwan: OURS, Lennon Tool Bar and Opus 88

This past week, we added lots of new stationery from different Taiwanese stationery brands! 

Lennon Tool Bar's Tsháu-á-kué ink is their Spring 2021 limited edition ink. Each season, Lennon Tool Bar releases a limited ink and this deeply beautiful green black ink is their most recent release. Inspired by the dark green herbal rice cakes that are customarily brought to ancestors' graves during the springtime and New Year in Taiwan, this ink, like many of Lennon Tool Bar's highlights a part of Taiwanese life and tradition. Educational booklets that come with it share more about the custom of Tsháu-á-kué in Taiwan and a QR code in each box set brings you to an audio book. 

Also new from Lennon Tool Bar is an exciting collaboration with Taiwanese fountain pen manufacturer, Opus 88. Their new eyedropper fountain pen called Halo is a demonstrator with both clear and frosted clear parts to the pen body available in Clear, Grey, Green and Blue. A special feature of Opus 88's eyedropper pens is their ink shut off valve, typically found in vacuum filling pens. With the ink shut off valve, you can open for long periods of writing or close the valve for travel to prevent the ink from leaking. We currently have our Halo inked with the LTB Tsháu-á-kué ink and it is a lovely combination!

Lastly, new from one of our favorite Taiwanese brands, OURS, are collections from their artist members, Hank and Koopa. Established in 2013, OURS is a collective of Taiwanese artists whose illustrations and works are translated to beautiful stationeries such as stamps, stickers, decorative papers and more. We love checking out these artist's Instagrams and seeing the progress of their works and what they draw inspiration from. Before the release of this new collection, for example, we saw from Hank's Instagram that he had been experimenting a lot with oil pastels and loved making the connection when we saw his new oil pastel Colorful Night and Paint Dots stickers he released with OURS.

More from this new release are absolutely dreamy stickers in designs like Collections of a Museum, Wayfarer and Wild Wreath. We fell in love with these right away when we were writing descriptions. They are made in the style of postage stamps with the little fringed edges and gold foil details making them extra beautiful to decorate a letter or journal entry with. 

Hope you all are as inspired by these new stationeries from Taiwan as we are :)

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