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Opus 88 x Lennon Tool Bar Halo Fountain Pen - Clear

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Opus 88 and Lennon Tool Bar's collaboration fountain pen, the Halo Fountain Pen, features an eyedropper filling system, beautifully frosted transparent demonstrator body and #5 stainless steel nib. The Halo, like Opus 88's signature eyedropper fountain pens, also comes with a built in shut-off valve to prevent ink from leaking during travel. For periods of extended writing, the ink valve should be left slightly open by twisting the back piston of the pen, and when you are traveling or not using the pen, you can close the valve completely. The main body of the pen is frosted transparent, but the finials are completely clear, giving the pen an icy cool finish. Paired with the grip that peaks out from beneath the frosty clear cap of the pen, the Halo almost has an illuminated effect. 

  • Length (capped): 5.6 in (14.2 cm)
  • Length (uncapped): 4.9 in (12.5 cm) 
  • Eyedropper
  • Lennon Tool Bar's Egret Paper notebook included in box
  • Eyedropper included
  • Lennon Tool Bar logo on cap finial
  • Screw cap
  • Silver trim 
  • Ink capacity of approximately 2ml
  • Halo fountain pen available in Clear, Blue, Green and Grey

About Opus 88:
Based out of Taiwan, Opus 88 has been making fountain pens and fine writing instruments for over 45 years. They are known for their well-made eyedropper fountain pens.  

About Lennon Tool Bar:
Lennon Tool Bar was founded in 2014 at Tamsui, Taiwan. Initially, it started to promote arts and crafts of Indigo Dyeing, a business that flourished a century ago in Taiwan, and at the time, Taiwan exported a considerable amount of "doroai," or the raw material of colorants used in Indigo Dyeing, to the Japanese Empire. Lennon Tool Bar draws inspiration from the traditional process and the popular colors used in Indigo Dyeing.

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