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New Papier Platz Artist Collaboration Washi, Pilot Petit, and more!

New Papier Platz Artist Collaboration Washi, Pilot Petit, and more!

Recently, we added some new Papier Platz Artist Collaboration Washi tapes, the Pilot Petit1, fun stickers, and "penmanship" pencils from MONO and Uni.

Papier Platz x kurogoma - Flower Masking Tape

 Kurogoma is a Japanese artist from Aichi, Japan who specializes in creating adorable accessories and homeware based on Scandinavian and Nordic motifs.

Papier Platz x SUNNY SUNDAY - Collage No. 1 Masking Tape

SUNNY SUNDAY is both an artistic brand and a charming general store located in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The owner, Koizumi Masahito, uses his love of collage and vintage art to create memorable and beautiful stationery supplies.

Papier Platz x eric - Days Masking Tape

Erico Matsubara, also known as Eric Small Things, is a Japanese illustrator and eraser stamp artist. Appropriately named, Eric Small Things, carves small and nostalgic stationery-themed illustrations onto rubber blocks.

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The Pilot Petit1 mini fountain pen is a pocket-sized, starter fountain pen. The pen features a clear cap, tinted body, and colored details that reflect the cartridge color found inside. Each Petit pen has a unique clear feed, which displays the ink flowing from cartridge to tip - even on the underside of the nib! The Petit1 is perfect for traveling fountain pen users, or those who want and affordable, colorful, mini addition to their fountain pen arsenal.



Food Anatomy: Japanese Sweets

All of the Food Anatomy Stickers have such fun and clever slices of foods and treats well-loved in Japan and around the world.



The Tombow MONO Penmanship Writing Pencil and Uni Penmanship Writing Pencil, also called “Kohitsu Shosha”, is a pencil used to practice traditional calligraphy character writing. The pencil features an extra wide graphite core for a greater amount of tip thickness variation. If you adjust the pressure and angle you write with, this pencil can mimic the strokes of a traditional calligraphy brush used to write Kanji or Chinese characters.


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