Yoseka Stationery at The Standard

Yoseka Stationery at The Standard

Yoseka Stationery at The Standard. We are excited to announce that next month we will be working with The Standard, East Village to set up a Gifting Room in the Private Dining Room of Narcissa restaurant, right beside the hotel's Winter Garden. We will take over a room and fill it up with stationery, paper, cards, small gifts, and wrapping workshops.

The space will not be the same as our shop in Sunnyside. It will be more interactive and casual, similar to our own workshops, with specialty winter cocktails, wines, beer and bites available for purchase while you wrap. We will be teaching wrapping techniques throughout the day. You can bring a gift and we’ll help you wrap it with wrapping supplies you pick out and you can finish personalizing with some fun stickers, washi tapes and stamps. During this period, you can also order online and pick up in person in East Village with everything wrapped for the Holidays.

We will be setting up Gifting Room two weekends before Christmas: December 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd from 1-7pm. See you there!

Since the space is more mobile, we are not moving our whole shop there 😄Is there something that you’d like us to feature there? Comment and let us know!

  • Dates: December 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd
  • Time: 1-7pm
  • Location The Standard, East Village

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  • Leeta Gato

    Ink bottles in a septum of sepia/browns and the same greys. Plus a sampling of fountain copper/metallic fountain pens. And if you have any unique sheets of wrapping paper.

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