Yoseka Notebook Paper Q&A with Conifer

Yoseka Notebook Paper Q&A with Conifer

Yoseka Notebook was made in 2018, before we opened our shop. One big reason we decided to make the notebook is the paper. The paper used inside Yoseka Notebooks are different versions of KBU papers, developed by a Taiwanese notebook company called Conifer. When it comes to developing new stationery, the Taiwanese stationery companies are constantly under pressure from two neighboring countries — Japan and China, representing high quality and lower price respectively. Sandwiched in the middle, stationery made in Taiwan costs more than products from China, while at the same time being less recognized than products from Japan. In 2018, when we first heard Conifer made their second version of KBU paper, KBU2, we contacted them right away to start the project. Not only did we love the paper, but we wanted to support them to let everyone know that they are doing an amazing job. Yesterday, after more than two years of our first Yoseka Notebook, we announced new Yoseka Notebook Slim. However, after two years since we first made Yoseka Notebook, the original KBU2 is currently out of production, and the paper in Yoseka Notebook Slim is a slight variation from the KBU2. Wanting to go over some of the history and information about the paper, we did a Q&A with the owner of Conifer and wanted to share with everyone : )

Q: When was the first KBU paper developed?
A: The paper development takes very long with many modifications and adjustments. The very rough version started around 2012, but the first notebook with KBU paper was made in 2016.

Q: After the first KBU, how many different official versions of KBU paper have been released?

KBU 1.0 - Cream Color - 2016 - 80g
KBU 2.0 - White Color - 2018 - 85g
KBU 3.0 - White Color - 2019 - 100g

Q: Which version of the paper has been the most popular?
A: KBU1 and KBU3

Q: KBU2 is currently out of production since Yoseka Notebook was first made. Say if we go back and remake KBU2 version of paper just for Yoseka Notebook, how many notebooks would we have to make?
A: 100-200 tons of paper are produced in one batch so that could mean at least 100,000 notebooks.

Q: How often does a new version come out?
A: The paper factory is based in Taiwan, and we have always been trying out new formulas while making new styles of notebooks. However, since there are lots of variation between different papers, the new paper release time is not confirmed until we are certain.

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