Yoseka Special Project with Ashley

Yoseka Special Project with Ashley

 We are so excited to share with everyone this Note Writing Pad that Ashley has been working hard on designing all year! As many of you already know, this year, each member of our team has thought of a special project they would like to create with Yoseka.

Earlier this year, Ashley said she would love to design a memo pad inspired by the handwritten notes we include in all of our orders. Since we write so many notes everyday, we often find ourselves flying through memo pads, so we packed this one with a full 150 sheets in three different designs! The first features a doodle of the Yoseka storefront, the second a 5mm dot grid, and the third a 4mm dashed grid. It’s been such a pleasure working with Ashley on this project. If you all could only know how much time and thought she has put into this, I’m sure you would love it even more. With this Note Writing Pad, we hope that you can spread the joy of giving small handwritten notes to friends, family, and fellow stationery lovers ~


  • Tomoko

    What a terrific idea and product, Ashley! I cherish the notes I get from Team Yoseka!

  • Nick

    Love this. These notes are one of things I love about ordering with y’all.

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