Yoseka Home Special Projects and More Coming!

Yoseka Home Special Projects and More Coming!
This year, our word and focus is "Home," because that is a word that perfectly encapsulates how we feel about Yoseka, as a place where we feel completely comfortable and a safe space where we can pursue our wildest dreams. 

As part of our Home theme this year, our team members have designed different items that speak to what Home and Yoseka mean for them and this month, quite a few of them have been released! Above are some of the releases that you've seen from us so far--Yoseka Stationery Zoo Series from Authan, Shop Apparel from Ashley, our TSL Roll Pen Case and there are more to come soon.

For more newly added stationery from us this past month, check out newly added page! Highlights include:

Yoseka Quick Brown Fox and Lazy Dog Ink Stamp
Kutsuwa Ribbon 2-Way Washi Tape Cutter
mt Washi Tape Write and Draw
mt PEZ
Kuretake Brush Pens
Dominant Industry Painter Series
Furukawa Paper Washi Tapes
Pilot Metal Falcon Fountain Pen
The Superior Labor - Kurozan Leather
Yoseka Stationery Zoo Tote Bag
Abbey Sy Zines
Taccia Miyabi Empress Fountain Pens 
Sailor Moonlight Over the Ocean
Platinum Curidas - Limited Edition - Matte

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