Traveler's Limited Set - Diner Coming Soon!

Traveler's Limited Set - Diner Coming Soon!

Following the Traveler's Limited Sets that were released in April 2022, this limited set is a spin-off of the stories told in the Airline, Hotel, Train and Record sets. Each set is filled with its own brand of nostalgic charm and the Diner set is no different! With this set, Traveler's celebrates the quirky and uniquely retro feeling captured by the time capsules that are American diners.

Diners seem to be a quintessential part of American culture. Serving up a special blend of comfort foods, homey sides and heartier entrees, their lengthy menus are a source of familiarity and comfort for locals and travelers alike. But of course, Traveler's Diner is a little different from your average diner. 

"Traveler's Diner is not on the map. While locals can always get there, it is not easy for travelers to find, even if they drive there with some information. Just when you think you are lost and don't know where you are or where to go, Traveler's Diner may appear with a discreet neon sign." 

Traveler's Limited Set - Diner will be released January 12th with a special in-store event going on in February 2023! Stay tuned for more details!


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