Traveler's Company Factory Green Edition

Traveler's Company Factory Green Edition

"Factory Green" is a Traveler's Company limited edition collection of some of their favorite brass writing instruments redesigned with a light teal green brassing coating. This series was inspired by a shade of green paint that is commonly used in manufacturing plants, on industrial printing presses and along the floors, doors and shelves in many factories in Japan. One example in particular comes from a well-used shelf in the Traveler's affiliated Designphil Nagareyama Plant that has been used to store a large number of printing ink cans; over the years, the paint has faded, chipped and stained in certain spots and just as a Traveler's Notebook does, has become an embodiment of time, work, memories and journeys. The Factory Green coating that comes with this series is meant to echo the idea that history lives within our objects.

In addition to brass ballpoint, pencil and fountain pen, this year, Traveler’s Company also released a new Brass Rollerball Pen. Fountain pen ink cartridges (international short) are used to refill the Brass Rollerball Pen so you can combine the low maintenance ease and smooth writing experience of a rollerball pen with the fun and limitless color options of fountain pens. 

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