Traveler's 2023 Theme Announced: Traveler's Cafe!

Traveler's 2023 Theme Announced: Traveler's Cafe!

The theme of next year's Traveler's Company refills has been announced and it is "Traveler's Cafe" reminding all of us that a good cup of coffee in a cozy cafe while journaling can be appreciated no matter where you are traveling in the world!

Coffee and tea lovers (although coffee is definitely represented more in these motifs!) and stationery enthusiasts will be so excited to see the coming year's Traveler's theme of "Cafe"!  There is definitely an intersection between these two communities and we are excited to see that represented on next year's limited refills.

We love this year's theme and predict that many Traveler's Notebook users will too! Traveler's yearly themes often celebrate adjacent interests and topics that many in the analog community can appreciate. Past themes have included: Travel Tools, Music and Books.

Every year, Traveler's Company releases their Regular and Passport size January-start diary refills in weekly and monthly layouts. These are pretty standard and come in the following options:

Regular Size Monthly: Monthly view spread out over two pages

Regular Size Weekly + Memo: Horizontal weekly block view on the left page, grid memo on the right page

Regular Size Weekly Vertical: Vertical weekly view of the week spread over two pages

Passport Size Monthly: Monthly view spread out over two pages

Passport Size Weekly: Horizontal weekly block view spread out over two pages

Additionally, on top of these diary refills, Traveler's also releases some limited accessories that can be used with your Traveler's Notebook throughout the year and these accessories are released with the theme's limited designs making them highly collectible to any Traveler's Notebook lover. These accessories include:

Customized Sticker Set: Set of stickers that allow you to design and further customize your TN usage by adding pocket stickers, film stickers, schedule stickers and more

Regular Size Underlay & Passport Size Underlay: Pencil board 

Regular Size Clear Folder & Passport Size Clear Folder: PVC folder with clear design elements

Now that the 2023 designs have been announced by Traveler's, it's time to start planning for 2023 planners! Pre-orders for these items will begin on September 26 and they will be shipping out in October. 

To view the entire 2023 Traveler's Company lineup, check out the collection here


  • Maria Cerna

    When in a October will they ship?

  • Thomas

    How do I buy a bunch of these peace of mind books? I’d love to pass them out for free around here in SF. Bring a bike!

  • Diana

    Love it! Can’t wait!

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