Throw back and reflecting on our goals this year

Throw back and reflecting on our goals this year
Last year this time, we announced our 甲 Home Fountain Pen. Last year’s theme, Home, is all about celebrating our home, Yoseka—our business, our community, our team, our dreams, our friendships and partnerships—and so much more that Yoseka means to us. We hope you think of your home when you write with your pens. 

Over the years, our team has grown to a lot more people than just me and Neil, but the heart of Yoseka and our mission will always be to create a space where you can try your stationery out within a community of individuals who share your passion.

This year, our theme is Community. Our goals are to 1) Plan stationery events that bring the stationery community together, 2) Film more YouTube videos that bring our in-store testing experience to the wider community and 3) Make more Collaborations to tell the stories of brands and partners we believe in. Through these goals, we hope to bring more people in the passionate and wonderful stationery community together and empower more people to find the right stationery items for themselves. 

We’re so happy that Stationery Fest is coming to life now. As we reflect on one year ago, it’s amazing to be reminded of our goals last year and how they are in many ways parallel to what we’re working towards this year 

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