Thank you for the wonderful year!

Thank you for the wonderful year!

Last October, Yoseka began as a stationery box idea that brings you monthly curated items. Months later, after many trials and errors, we realized people enjoy individual unique stationery item just as much. We continued our box, but we also started working on updating the site to make everything available. And we started to think it'd be a great idea to show what we have in person.

Every weekend since May, we popped up from Long Island City, SoHo to Williamsburg. It's been a humbling experience for the both of us to see many of you traveling all the way to visit us. It’s been a fortunate opportunity for us to meet you, and chat with you on the weekends. And it’s been a wonderful time sharing weekends with all the amazing vendors.

We are really lucky to be able to work on something we are both passionate about on the weekends. We love meeting everyone, and we love to see you enjoy our stuff as much as we do.

As we approach the year end, we want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful year! We couldn't have done this without you! 

Daisy and Neil

Special thanks to Apple Daily for featuring us!

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