Stationery life and planning for the move

Stationery life and planning for the move
These last few months, we’ve limited to curbside pickup and moved most of the shop back to our dining room. It’s not new to have stationery everywhere in our home, but this is a different level. We’ve used up every possible corner 😂

The center table is where all the magic happens — ink guide, packing, organizing and discussion. Yesterday, we talked about the plans for the upcoming months around this table. With the new location entering the final touch up stage next week, we drafted a moving plan which will take place over the next 6 weeks. With an adjustment period in mind, we are tentatively setting mid October as our opening week.

Thank you again for everyone who has supported and continued to support us throughout this time. This is a big change, and you make us believe ❤️


  • lisa

    Though probably your newest customer, I have come to love and depend upon your online stationery shop. I’ve enjoyed everything ordered and received from you — the care you taking in packing my purchases means so much that they arrive safe and undamaged. The best of wishes and luck in your new store. I hope you do a visual tour once you are settle so folks that live across the country can see your leap into your new, second-home :). It would be nice in the future if you do some videoing of your Traveler’s brand along with your annual planners — it’s hard for me to decide via online because I am not not familiar with each of the brands — sometimes pictures are not enough and the written description can mean something else than an interpretation of an individual reader. Here’s to your grand success and growth we can all enjoy by continuing to be your loyal customers@

  • Linda

    Hello! I just wanted to say I love your stationery. I hope to order more in the future. Good luck on your move.

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