Stationery Fest Updates on workshops, apparel and more

Stationery Fest Updates on workshops, apparel and more
Stationery Fest T-Shirts are now available and we have more goodies coming soon as well so be on the lookout.
In May, we were working hard towards the deadline of June 1st, which was the booking date for all Stationery Fest workshops. Amazingly, on June 1st, there were a total of 57 workshops to sign up for across the 3 days of Stationery Fest. And thanks to many of you the workshop seats all sold out, mostly within the first hour of booking. As a result of your response to the workshops, we have added some more workshops to the schedule and those will be available to be booked on June 15th at Noon Eastern Time. 
We are seeking sponsorship and donations for Stationery Fest!

We are so excited for our inaugural year of Stationery Fest and are positive that due to everyone's enthusiastic participation, it is going to be an amazing event that will be great for the stationery community. Planning Stationery Fest has been an incredible journey for us and extremely rewarding and of course, there have been challenges and unforeseen expenses along the way.

Your contributions will help us ease the burden of planning Stationery Fest overall. The specific costs we are seeking help with include: permit costs, lowering travel expenses of international exhibitors' flights and hotel accommodations, provision of food and beverage, reducing additional expenses of attendees, and lowering technology and promotional expenses.

Thank you so much for considering a donation and for helping us making Stationery Fest an unforgettable experience!

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