Stationery Fest is Confirmed For Aug 7-9! Tickets available now

Stationery Fest is Confirmed For Aug 7-9! Tickets available now

We are so happy to announce that our venue is officially booked for Stationery Fest this August 7, 8 and 9, 2024! 

Stationery Fest will be hosted at the beautiful Greenpoint Loft, located at 67 West Street, right upstairs from our storefront at 63 West Street. 

At Stationery Fest, we will be bringing together stationery brands and working together with these brands to create experiences that will allow you to learn about each brand’s mission and story, and how these are reflected in their products. Through interactive workshops centered around customization, and community-building social events such as meetups, we hope to bring more people in the passionate and wonderful stationery community together, and empower more people to find the perfect creative tools for themselves.

The official website is now live:

And tickets for the event can be ordered here

If you are a stationery brand, artist, educator or an active stationery community member who wants to participate in Stationery Fest, please apply here! We are seeking partners who will work with us to make Stationery Fest a unique, interactive and unforgettable experience for attendees! 


  • Laurie

    I live in NC and am thinking about coming for the Stationery Fest. Can you provide the names of a couple places to stay that are nearby? Thank you.

  • Eileen P. Goldenberg

    I applied to teach a workshop at Stationary Fest! The space will be fabulous to Urban Sketch. I love buildings that have great details and interesting surfaces of the Green Point space! Btw I watch all of your videos and love the creativity that you encourage in your team and customers!

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