Pre-Orders for 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series

Pre-Orders for 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series

As our longtime customers and supporters know, Yoseka has released a yearly pen with Sailor since 2021 as part of our three-part namesake, 由申甲 Yoseka Series. We organize our year around these releases. In the past, we've talked a lot about the process of making the pen, how it takes an incredible amount of time to go from an idea, a few colors in our mind that would look great together, to digital mockups, to prototype, to an actual fountain pen that is ready to be shared with you all. A lot of this time is out of our control and we understand that to work with a great company like Sailor, we kind of have to get in line.

After submitting our color codes in November of last year, last week, we received our prototype of our Home pen. I smiled immediately and breathed a sigh of relief–it looked amazing. I wanted this pen! I think many of you will too! It’s so beautiful. Ashley did an amazing job designing it. In that moment, I felt a feeling of pure relief and satisfaction knowing that a project you have so much riding on will be great. 

Along with the stunning prototypes that we were all thrilled to see came with their price tags that we had to re-read and double check to make sure we weren't mistaken. For a couple of days, we weren't sure if we could make this pen at all--and we would definitely not be able to produce as many pens as we had customers who had already expressed interest. The only possible way we could do this was by increasing the number of pens we were going to produce so we thought about what other pens we could order and naturally, the voices of so many of you who have asked us to re-release Origin and Refresh came to mind.

We went back and forth on this decision for a few days because Neil and I have always agreed on the topic of limited edition items, which we see so much of these days, that when you say something is limited, it should really be limited. We released Origin and Refresh with no intention of ever producing them again despite having received lots of requests to re-release them. But when we were faced with our decision to possibly have no release this year, to disappoint many customers who are expecting to close out their Yoseka series this year, and to let down our team members who have worked hard on designing our Home pen, the option of re-releasing Origin and Refresh seemed like the natural choice. 

Unlike in the past, we are taking pre-orders for these pens because we have never released so many pens at one time and this time, your pre-orders will help fund our production. We simply had no other way of getting this pen made. This means the wait time will be longer for this one since you'll be pre-ordering now and we won't be shipping orders until the pens are produced and we receive them (usually a 2-3 month timeline). 

In past years, you have also seen us plan our yearly pen release within a larger release of other items, all of which we hope tell a cohesive story of our path for the year. In 2021, with Origin, we released our Walnut Pen Try and No. 01 Origin Ink. In 2022, with Refresh, we announced our Ceramics Inks and our team's special projects. Due to this unscheduled pre-order launch for Home, we'll be planning our other projects to be released throughout the year rather than all around the same time. 

Those of you who have ordered our pens before know that as a thank you, we include an enamel pin and information card on the story behind each pen. Collectors, fear not because our Home Fountain Pen will include these as well, but we don't have pictures of those to share just yet! As a special thank you to those of you who have followed our release for three years, and have collected all three pens, we will also be including a special surprise for you. 

Please click here at midnight and you will find a collection of our 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series. The pre-orders will be open until April 15th, 11:59 PM EST.

Thank you so much for helping us complete our three-year long journey with these pens. Your support has allowed us to move our business three times, grow and reward our multi-talented team of amazing people, collaborate with brands we love and look up to, and even to have a family while doing all of that. That we have accomplished the lofty goals that we set for ourselves year after year is no doubt because you've made it to the end of this lengthy post and many that came before it ❤️




  • Michael Arcilla

    I just got into the hobby three months ago and really felt the FOMO over having missed the Origin pen! I’m not letting this opportunity by me again – I can’t wait to make my pre-order! Congratulations, guys! It’s a truly gorgeous collection! ❤️

  • Nalani

    This is so special!! Im so happy i waited for this to be my first sailor, i love you yoseka 🔏♥︎

  • Debra Zyla

    I am already in love with this pen. Of the three, this one is so very “me” – and it’s you! I can see it on my desk. I can see it in my left hand. It’s beautiful.

  • Km


  • Km


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