Planning for Our Next Step

Planning for Our Next Step

These days, our work routine has completely changed. A lot of communications are happening more digitally, and we work directly from home a lot. We actually have moved all stationery from our shop to our home so we could work more efficiently. Although our place is filled with stationery, it’s not a complete new change for us. When we first started doing pop up in 2017, we lived in a 400 square feet studio. Half of it was filled with stationery. Even after we opened our shop, and after we moved to just 10 blocks away from the shop, we store most things at home to keep the shop light. 

We’ve chatted with many people so far this month during our curbside hours, and we believe there’s no comparison to being able to meet in person and experience stationery first hand.

While we patiently wait for the right time to re-open, we are more and more contain about bringing the best stationery experience back. And to do that, we have been planning, and we will announce more details next Friday.

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