Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Nib & Line Comparison

Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen Nib & Line Comparison
The Pilot Custom 74 is one of the most popular entry level gold nib pens and in this video, Soraya and I introduce what makes the Custom 74 such a great choice as a first gold nib pen. Later in the video, we show you how to fill your Custom 74 with the accompanying CON-70 converter and demonstrate line comparisons with the four available nib sizes in the US, and for even more context, the seven additional nib sizes only available in Asia. Hope you have fun watching!

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  • Dom

    Thank you for the super thorough review of the Custom 74 and all its available nibs. I really appreciate that you included the Japanese nibs in your comparison, as they are always an option for anyone buying these pens in the US, but are often left out. Even though I consider myself a fountain pen collector, and own a few Pilots, I still learned a ton from this video. I now have a pretty good understanding of the differences between all the Pilot #5 nibs, and the ever so confusing Custom line of pens. I am shopping for a Pilot Custom 74 and could not decide between the F, SF, FM, SFM, M, and SM nibs. This has been a great resource and I now know exactly which nib is right for me (FM). I would find it extra helpful if you included another common pen (especially a European one) with a medium or fine nib, to compare the relative line widths between brands. In my experience various manufacturers sizing can vary greatly; ex. Pelikan EF = Pilot M/B. This is the most detailed video of its kind out there and a must see for anyone wanting to buy a Pilot Custom. Thank you!

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