Pen to Paper: Letters from Home

Pen to Paper: Letters from Home

Hi friends! Soraya here from Yoseka Stationery. I've been at home writing and embroidering but I've been missing the store so much! Read on to learn about how I've been using letter writing to stay connected with my loved ones. 

Working as a graphic designer and embroidery artist had turned my hands into keyboards and sewing needles. “I have to write more,” I would say to myself as I picked up my phone and fired off multiple emails. The feeling of pen to paper started feeling foreign to me, almost like a child holding a crayon for the first time. But as I’ve started to write more with my fountain pen these last few months, the wonder of words has returned to me. I can’t stop writing! I’ll make all sorts of lists - lists of things I’ve done, lists of things that need to be done, and most recently, lists of people that I want to write letters to.

As I face-timed my parents the other day, my mom told me about all the letters she would send to my Abuelita. My mom would fill these letters with pictures of flowers, quotes from her favorite poems, and little stories about life here in New York. My Abuelita absolutely loved receiving letters from my mom and it brought her so much joy. 

Receiving a letter in the mail can feel like the most amazing gift in the world. When my parents or sisters send me letters, I always take a moment to really appreciate the fact that they sat down, picked their favorite pen, and wrote me something sweet. Even picturing them putting the stamp on the envelope makes me smile.

I’ll spend the rest of today writing letters to my family. I’ll tell my dad how cooking his famous turkey tacos made me smile and made me miss home more than I ever thought was possible. I’ll tell my mom how the blooming tulips I saw on my walk made me think of her and how I can’t wait to watercolor together again. And I’ll tell my niece how the sky looks so bright and blue today that it looks like she painted it herself.

This at-home time has connected us all in a very special way. We are now, more than ever, reminded of the fragility and beauty of life. As we bunker down in our homes, it’s important that we communicate to our loved ones and friends just how much they mean to us. A simple letter can mean so much. Who will you write a letter to today?

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  • Isabella

    This is a lovely thought. I definitely want to write more letters now.

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