Our Favorite Stationery-Themed Stationery

Our Favorite Stationery-Themed Stationery

Earlier last week, we received a question from a customer asking about a stamp that we had used in one of our YouTube videos featuring a fountain pen or quill, and in general asking for recommendations for stamps that included any fountain pen/stationery motifs. I knew exactly the one he was referring to and in our response, we included several other recommendations for stamps with a stationery motif and this got me thinking, we really do have a lot of stationery-themed stationery!

It's not a surprise at all since we truly cannot resist anything with a stationery motif. Seriously, all you need to do to elicit a response out of us is include an illustration of an adorable pair of scissors or a bottle of ink on something and you've got our attention!

I thought it'd be fun to do a little round-up of some of our favorite stationery-themed stationeries that we have in the shop. Hope you all have fun with this blog post :)

Plain Stationery - Stationery and Cat Washi Stickers

I mean...these stickers combine a deep deep love of cats and stationery for me, and they're also available in an applique patch format, which happens to be one of my favorite personalizations on my apron. It's the intersection of two worlds and two of my greatest loves so I had to start here!

 Sticker Marche Stationery Stickers

All of these Midori Sticker Marché stickers are really well made and adorably illustrated, but this sheet with stationery motifs has to be my favorite (and maybe the Taiwan one too!) I think the best sticker on this sheet is the itty bitty pencil nub! Which one speaks to you the most? 

Tools to Liveby Paper Clip Stamps

These TTLB paper clip stamps are based on their actual paper clips

 Papier Platz x Eric Washi Tapes & Eric Small Things Stamps

Eric Small Things is one of our favorite artists because her works feature stationery motifs so prominently. Best known for her eraser carving stamp pieces, Erico Matsubara has also done so many fun collaborations with brands such as Papier Platz and Japanese stamp producer, Sanby, to feature her designs. I love this one because it perfectly combines her designs of stationery motifs within a miniature universe of other desk items!

Midori Paintable Stamp - Stationery

This self-inking stamp has the adorable print of an ink bottle, lines on a notebook and a fountain pen. The stamp ink is waterproof so you can color it in with your fountain pen ink and keep track of what ink you're using in your pen!!! While we're on the subject of stamps you can use to track what ink color you're using, Plain Stationery also has these adorable Ink Test rubber stamps for just that purpose.

Furukawa Paper - Soebumi-Sen Mini Letter Set

This collection of Soebumi-Sen is made in collaboration with Japanese stationery store, Kitera to highlight some of the major Japanese stationery brands and their most well-known products such as Sailor fountain pens, Radar erasers, Yamato glue and Zebra's McKee markers! You can write a mini letter to someone on Sailor stationery with your Sailor fountain pen!! 

 LCN Antique Company Advertisement Gummed Labels

Lin Chia Ning is a favorite Taiwanese artists of ours and these gummed labels are a unique way to decorate or personalize a journal. Wet the back of these labels to activate the adhesive binding (like you would a stamp) and stick these antiqued labels onto a journal page, letter or other analogue form. These company advertisement style ones include motifs of typewriters, feather dip pens and other antique stationery.

mt Washi Tape - Letter Mikey

This is an all-time favorite washi tape for me! It features Swedish ceramicist Lisa Larson's "Mikey" cat character in a pen pal/letter-writing themed washi tapes with motifs of Airmail, postage and ink bottles. I love the idea of having Mikey as a pen pal! 


These are some of our favorite stationery-themed stationery items in the shop! For a comprehensive list of all the products mentioned, here they are:


Some stationery-themed stationery honorable mentions include: 

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