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Plain Stationery Applique Patch Stationery and Cat

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Plain Stationery's Applique Patches show how cats use stationery! These embroidered patch stickers can be added to any fabric or paper item for a cat stationery decoration. It will feel like your cat is there with you, fiddling with your stationery tools.

To paste, simply remove the transparent sheet on the back and stick it on a flat object. For ironing the patch, remove the transparent sheet on the back and stick it on the cloth. Set the the iron to a low temperature (110 °C or 230 °F), and iron the fabric side of the patch. If you can only iron the embroidery side of the patch, cover it with a thin cotton cloth before ironing to prevent damage. Iron thoroughly for about 15-25 seconds, and wait until the temperature drops before moving or touching the fabric item.

  • Precautions: Do not iron on waterproof materials. If sticking to elastic material or three-dimensional texture fabric is desired, it is recommended to sew patch directly instead. Cloth products can be washed after 24 hours. Do not dry clean, dry or bleach.

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