Next for Yoseka

Next for Yoseka
Next for Yoseka. Yes, we just signed the lease for our new place!

Since quarantine started, we have had lots of time to think about the future for Yoseka — the shop, the team and plans to prepare for coming back.

Our current space is small and cozy, with lots of pens on the table ready for trying. Being at the shop, trying things out is part of the Yoseka experience, accompanied by interactions with friends, family or with us. Covid-19 has challenged the way we set up our shop, which is all about experience and conversations in a small space.

As many of you have noticed and pointed out, over the quarantine, we have added many new stationery items and brands that we didn’t have before. What most people don’t know is that we have been sharing our home with all of the stationery we have! It’s been a little cramped although Ester for sure doesn’t mind all the cardboard boxes (or “beds” and “scratching posts” as she likes to think of them as). Last month, as we first looked towards reopening, we were worried about fitting everything back into the tiny shop. We’re excited about the new location, which is more spacious and will allow us to bring more stationery to the shop for everyone to try and keep up with our goal of having with the newest stationery designs that come out!

So, with the lease at our current shop coming to an end, we’ve decided not to continue at our current location. Instead, we will be taking the next two to three months to design, renovate, and transition over to our new place in Greenpoint.

We will continue to do curbside pickup at our current shop as we are slowly preparing for migration. And when we come back, we will be ready at our new place with a better Yoseka experience. Can’t wait to see everyone there!


  • Steven

    Congratulations! We look forward to coming over and helping christen the new shop!

    Teresa & Steven

  • Terry

    Such exciting news! Happy for you! I love that you are looking forward to better days ahead, and I can hardly wait to be able to visit New York and Yoseka in those days.

  • Matilda

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for your guys’ growth and will continue to support. :)

  • Daisy Ngo


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