New to Yoseka in June

New to Yoseka in June

In June, we added lots of fun stationery and made some great updates to our website as we have more time to improve. We also chatted with April at the Stationery Cafe about stationery and life. If you haven't checked it out yet, take a listen! The last two weeks of June, we started doing curbside pickup, and this month we will continue to do curbside only. 

You might have already noticed the changes we made to our website. One of the fun thing you could do is for example, filter specific ink color under fountain pen ink collection. We also added a new blog section called New Arrival Updates, which is one place with regular updates about what we just added, what's coming and what we are planning to have in short and succinct posts

Here are a list of new stationery we added in June. From top left to bottom right:

Kleid A6 Memo and Flat Notes;
FriXion Point Knock;
Midori Roll Stockers;
Classiky x Drop Around Receipt Pads, Function Paper Pads;
Pentel Energel Clena;
Pentel GraphGear 1000 in colors;
Sailor's Sailor;
Traveler's Company Factory Green Edition;
Sailor Wicked Witch of the West;
Classiky x Tomotake Cat Coaster;
Mindwave Stickers and Midori Sticker Marche Taiwan;
Kokuyo Trip Book;
Pen Cases by Life Stationery;
Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads and Refills;
Classiky Washi Tapes;
Diamine Blue Edition;
Midori Letter Paper Pads;
Blackwing Volume 3 Ravi Shanker Tribute;

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