Store Update

Store Update

Back today from 1-7pm! Last week, we had our first trial opening. It was wonderful seeing you all and overall it was an amazing, slightly stressful, extremely happy and exhausting week! <3 It’s been more than six months since we saw so many familiar faces. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to warm up our new home and especially thank you for following our store guidelines to make everyone feel safe while shopping.

Updated pick up hours:
- 7 days a week 1-7pm. Order ready in 30 mins.
Updated in store browsing:
- Open till 11/14. To be re-evaluated after Thanksgiving.

Last week, the combination of our opening week and a max five capacity resulted in a wait to get in the shop at most times. We are hoping those of you who are planning to visit this week won’t have to wait in line as long especially since the weather is also getting a little colder but thank you in advance for your patience and for following the safety guidelines if you do have to wait. We know many of you have been waiting months to try out a paper, pen or ink at Yoseka and we truly appreciate you allowing others the same opportunity while they are here with us.

Starting today we will extend our in store pickup times to 7 days a week from 1-7pm until the end of the year. We will have your pick up orders ready within 30 minutes.

Additionally, to make sure everyone at Yoseka (there are a couple of newbies to the team and introductions are to come!) feels safe enough to be with their families for Thanksgiving, the shop will be closed to in-store browsing before the holiday. This means that we will be open for in-store browsing until November 14th.

When the team comes back from Thanksgiving, together, we will re-evaluate opening. It is difficult to make predictions about how the holiday will affect cases and impossible to ignore the numbers going up in many states across the country so after Thanksgiving, we will discuss whether or not to open again for in-store shopping. Pickup orders will not be affected and we will continue to have this available as an option everyday until the end of the year regardless of how we decide to proceed with in-store browsing.

Let us know if you have any questions about our plan and thank you so much for your support and kindness as we navigate these unprecedented times.

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