May Arrivals

May Arrivals

In May, we were busy adding lots of new stationery to the online shop and working on some new exciting projects. 

We added new fountain pens and inks from Platinum, a brand we have been waiting a long time to work with. They are one of Japan's "big 3" fountain pen makers along with Sailor and Pilot, and we are proud to say you can now find them all at Yoseka! We also finally added Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini fountain pens and worked on an exciting collaboration with Google NY to curate Pen Pal Kits for their employees. 

Items in the photo:
Pentel Pulaman 40th Anniversary colors

Midori Matryoshka Mini Letter Set
Platinum Preppy
Mt tapes
Tomoe River Notebooks in A5, A6, A7
Platinum 3776
Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini
TWSBI 580 Prussian Blue
Lamy Candy Collection
Pilot Vanishing Point Stripes
Life Vermillion Notebooks
Life Pistachio Notebooks
Platinum Classic Ink
Platinum Pigment Ink
Sailor Storia Pigment Ink
Hobby Stationery Box Special Edition - Fountain Ink
Pentel Touch Sign - Nuance Colors

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