April to May 2023 Recap: Events with MD, TRAVELER'S, ame, Yoseka Stationery Swap & Yoseka Zoo!

April to May 2023 Recap: Events with MD, TRAVELER'S, ame, Yoseka Stationery Swap & Yoseka Zoo!

April was a very eventful month for us at Yoseka! From our first and then second stationery swaps/journaling meetups hosted by Christine to TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan to our MD 15th Anniversary Pop Up and finally, ameruu's Pop Up, we had a bustling April and were able to see so many of you in-store! At the beginning of the month, we also surprised you (and ourselves!) with the release of pre-orders for our third and final fountain pen in our Yoseka Series of Sailor exclusives. While the pre-order period for that has now ended, feel free to message us for more information or if you'd like to reserve one. 

Last month, we also released some projects that Authan has been working on. Yoseka Stationery Zoo items including a Yoseka Zoo Sticker Sheet and our Quick Brown Fox and Lazy Dog Ink Swatch Stamp tell the story of stationery-themed animals from our Yoseka Zoo. There are too many good ones to choose from one of our favorites is probably the sloth that's too slow to cap the drying fountain pen! Which animal is your favorite? 

Lots of exciting new releases this past month pictured above from top left: 

Lennon Tool Bar Magic Fortune Teller Shop Inks
Uni-Ball One-P
MD Dip Pen
MD 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Artist Collaboration Notebooks
Opus 88 Eyedropper Fountain Pens
Fine Writing International Scepter Series Fountain Pens
TRAVELER'S notebook - Olive Green
Kaweco BRONZE Sport 
Sailor Solar Terms Fountain Pens
Yoseka Series Fountain Pens
Pilot Custom 743 Verdigris
LAMY Safari Fountain Pens 2023 Colors
Ameruu Stickers
Abbey Sy Washi Tape
Yoseka Stationery Zoo Sticker Sheet
Laconic Planners and Sticky Notes 

Not pictured:

Lennon Tool Bar 2023 Spring Limited - Pretty Inks
Lennon Tool Bar 2022 Autumn Limited - Let's Go On a Trip Inks
Ferris Wheel Press Inks
Yohand Studio Stickers
TWSBI Diamond Mini AL - Grape 
Platinum Century 3776 - Shape of Heart Ivoire
Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen Transparent Bodies
La Dolce Vita Wooden Stamps
Midori Foil Transfer Stickers
Sailor Pro Gear Slim - LINE FRIENDS - CONY 
BUNGUBOX Original Fountain Pen - Tipsy Mood 
Kokuyo Me Portable Scissors 
Kyo No Oto Inks
Yoseka Quick Brown Fox and Lazy Dog Ink Stamp

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