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Yoseka Stationery Zoo Sticker - Edition One

Yoseka Stationery Zoo Sticker - Edition One

Have you ever wondered what will happen when a stationery store turns into an imaginary zoo? Created by Authan at Yoseka, the Yoseka Stationery Zoo is a fantastical world where you can find team members working as zoo keepers accompanied by whimsical stationery animals. Animals such as a washi-tape tiger, date-stamp pangolin, or a dot-liner anteater will be strolling around at the store. Dive deeper into this exploration and you can even find favorite animals from each of our Yoseka team members, like a finch from Ashley, a panda from Daisy, a black cat from Christine, reptiles from May, and even more!

The paper backing depicts the interior of Yoseka Stationery, and with the synchronization between the stickers, you'll be able to view the lively interaction of these animals at Yoseka. Resembling the stationery placed around the store, you can also find stationery stickers at their respective locations, such as our ink bars or pen tester tables!

About Authan Chen:

Authan Chen is an illustrator and visual artist who creates art through digital medium, as well as painting with acrylics on canvases. His illustrations are inspired by surrealism, nature, and mythologies, and hopes to bring the viewers to another fantasy world in his paintings. He uses soft, pastel colors and sinuous shapes in his paintings, and aims to blend the line between reality and the fantasy world. You can also find his art works in galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Taipei, as well as other cities around the world. 

Yoseka Special Projects:

At the beginning of 2022, we set our goal for the year to be the creation of special projects with each of our team members that we could share with our customers. Over the next few months, we announced the release of these items. From Jane’s Yoseka Museum Postcard/Pencil Board to Ashley’s Note Writing Pad to Christine’s Fountain Pen Bookmark, every detail of each of these products was thoughtfully planned. Our main motivation for these special projects was to encourage our team to use their creativity, which we wanted to share with you all, and we are proud that we have gotten to a place where we are able to devote some of our resources during each work day to creation, design and experimentation. Read more about Yoseka's Special Projects here.

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