Lennon Tool Bar - 涌泉/yong quan

Lennon Tool Bar - 涌泉/yong quan

Lennon Tool Bar - 涌泉/yong quan. This special edition of Lennon Tool Bar comes in light clear blue, and is inspired by the blue color of medical masks and serves as a tribute to frontline workers. In late February/early March, the frontline medical workers of Taiwan were experiencing high stress as they were confronted with COVID-19. The timing of this might seem early to the US since many states, NYC included, didn't have stay-at-home orders in place until late March. Since that time, frontline workers all over the world have witnessed first hand the devastating toll of COVID-19, sacrificed and put their own lives and their families’ lives at risk while bearing the responsibility of nursing and caring for the ill. Lennon Tool Bar wished to honor these frontline workers by donating all proceeds to Taiwan Young Pharmacists' Group.

涌泉 is a gushing spring that shares the same color as the mask. The amount of water from the spring is not a lot, but through traveling miles of obstacles, each drop of water is destined to meet at the sea in unity. It's a especially meaningful edition during this time, and it also is a reminder, just like a small drop of water, that each small action such as wearing mask and washing hands can help.

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