January New Arrivals

January New Arrivals

We are really excited to kick off our year with an amazing lineup. All of the pens are available for testing in our Sunnyside store in Queens, New York.

Fountain Pen:
- TWSBI Emerald Green
- Pilot Custom 823
- Pilot Justus
- Pilot Falcon
- Pilot Vanishing Point
- Kaweco Sports - New Colors
- OHTO Tasche fountain pen

- Brilliant ballpoint pen by Hightide
- FriXion 0.38mm

Mechanical Pencil:
- Mono Graph shaker
- Uni Mitsubishi 2.0mm lead holder

- New cards from Spaghetti & Meatballs
- New cards from Ping

- Arch Foam eraser
- 5 minutes sand glass by Hightide
- Mini Tool Box
- Mr. Germ hand stamp
- 60 new FriXion stamps
- Automatic bookmarker by Hightide
- Nahe bags
- Special Pikachu Lamy pen

Everything listed above are available in store for trying. We will gradually update them online.

Daisy and Neil

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