Introducing Bethany and Alex, Yoseka's Newest Team Members!

Introducing Bethany and Alex, Yoseka's Newest Team Members!
Excited for everyone to meet Bethany (left) and Alex (right)! Bethany and Alex only joined our team a couple of months ago but they have fit right in and have already been a huge help to us around the shop and behind the scenes.

Bethany recently moved to NYC from San Francisco to be closer to the art and design world. Before joining the team, she had worked at other stationery/art supply stores and was even a watercolor maker! Her background is in interior design and technical theatre, and she enjoys sketching landscapes and architecture. Check them out @bethanylwu. Her current favorites are Sarasa Grand Vintage pens, and her new Traveler’s journals. I first met Bethany as a customer of Yoseka and knew from our first meeting that she was a warm person who would be a great fit for our team. I love how calm and collected she is at all times. Her easygoing personality allows her to chat with and help customers find exactly what they’re looking for in store.

Alex is a recent grad from Pratt majoring in communication design with an emphasis in illustration. Growing up, back to school was always her favorite- and new supplies was a requirement every year! The move to Brooklyn reenforced this love with the abundance of stationery stores- including Yoseka, which she had followed on Instagram for a year before applying! Along with a general love for all things art and stationery, Alex also has an interest in finding the best pens and tools for lefties, being one herself! Currently her picks include Sarasa Vintage and her new TWSBI Mini! I remember chatting with Alex when I interviewed her and I was immediately charmed by her funny comments and friendly nature. I was also super impressed with how well she knew Yoseka! All these things told me she’d be a wonderful team member here and I was not wrong—in her short time here, Alex has shown us what a supportive and kind person she is. She is often going out of her way to help others and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

Can’t wait for you all to see more of Bethany and Alex, and what exciting things they’ll do at Yoseka!

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