Holiday Special Projects by May

Holiday Special Projects by May
I’m so glad to finally show everyone some special projects I’ve been working on this past month!

I started out with the idea of making a special holiday card as a thank you to our customers. The project turned into this DIY Yoseka holiday ornament, something a lot more interactive and fun. It’s a card with a cut out that you can fold into a little tree-shaped paper ornament! I had so much fun designing this one and making sure it would cut and fold properly, and I hope you’ll also enjoy DIYing your Yoseka ornaments and decorating your trees or desks with them! We will be giving these away with orders placed starting tomorrow until supplies last, and look out for a short video I’ll be posting on how to fold them!

Along with the DIY ornament, I also drew a cute illustration for the next edition of Yoseka postcard. We are definitely work hard, play hard here at Yoseka and this season everyone is working extra hard on all the holiday orders. On the back of the card, you can see Team Yoseka working on orders, from quality check to packing, and on the front you see Neil, Daisy and Jacob going out to make deliveries! Although a busy season like this can be tiring, ultimately we love being able to bring stationery to your doorsteps; you could say we are your stationery elves for December :) I wanted to capture a bit of our process in this drawing (it’s not accurate - we do not have a conveyor belt here) as an homage to our team and to our customers who make everything possible!


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  • S. Fine

    Wow! Those look adorable and so fun! Would you please consider making them available as PDF’s to download and print out just in case you run out before my next order?
    Also, it was really nice meeting you May in August when I came to see the LCN exhibit! You were wearing a mask 😷 but Neil introduced you. I was so excited to meet you both in person and I can’t wait until I can get there again from CT!
    Happy Holidays to everyone in the Yoseka “family”!! 🎄

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