Hightide Diary Minute Manager

Hightide Diary Minute Manager
Hightide Diary Minute Manager. Last week, we added our final additions of 2020 planners from Hightide. You might be familiar with many of Hightide’s stationery such as marble tray, Nahe bag and Penco clips from our previous introductions. Minute Manager started in 2002, and the design is an extension of Penco, which is heavily inspired by the American stationery in the 50s-60s.

Just like Hightide’s other stationery. Their planners are simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Minute Manager features a sturdy vinyl cover with an additional pocket to keep personal items. The planner comes with yearly overview, monthly pages, weekly pages, and lined pages. The font and the navy blue/red color feels retro. The lined pages are designed to look like college rule papers, and all of the black spaces are filled with lines for addition notes. Since the planner doesn’t have daily pages, the whole planner is only 160 pages. The planner is lighter than many other planners but packed with what you need throughout the year. Overall, it’s a great planner for carrying around. And did we mention the cover is reusable for other A5 notebooks? 😊


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  • Colette

    Would you recommend the Minute Manager or another notebook for business planning?I have a small business and don’t know if I should create my own layout or use a printed format.

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