Hard decision and updated temporary store hours

Hard decision and updated temporary store hours
This is a hard decision. With everything in the news recently, we have decided to limit our store hours starting tomorrow. We will not be open on the weekends, and during our weekday hours, we will limit to 12-6 for in store pick up only. That means you can still order online, or send us email or Instagram messages, and we will have your orders ready for pickup. If you have any questions, we will be available through Instagram chats, emails and texts to help you find your items.

For the past few months, Taiwan has set a high standard to limit cases to less than 50 with a population of 23 millions. One thing the Taiwanese government has done well is to be proactive with their actions, and we are going to take the right action and do our best to make sure everyone feels safe. We hope you understand this decision, and stay safe and healthy!
  • Online order/in-person pickup 12-6pm Wednesday - Friday
  • Online shipping will not be affected

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