Happy October! From Hobonichi to Kakimori, September Was a Great Month 🎉

Happy October! From Hobonichi to Kakimori, September Was a Great Month 🎉

Happy October friends! It's hard to believe how much has happened in just one month. September 1st was Hobonichi Day and leading up to it, we had an Instagram live at 11pm the night before, and together, our team counted down the midnight EST release of 2023 Hobonichi planners. The release was a huge success thanks to you all and it's been such a pleasure watching the popularity of this planner grow over the last few years.

In September, we also started receiving many of the other 2023 planners that we have been taking pre-orders for and by now, many of you should have received your planner pre-orders. If you're an in-store customer in Greenpoint, you'll begin to see a lot of these planners beginning to show up on the shelves at the shop.

Our team has been working hard all month long on planner season and there are so many of you who took a moment to wish us luck this month, sent or brought us a care package of amazing goodies to keep us energized, wrote us a letter, sent some encouraging words and we really can't thank you enough! To celebrate getting through all of our orders from Hobonichi Day, we had a Team Yoseka Happy Hour and we all had so much fun. 

The last week of September, we wrapped up this delicious ice cream sundae of a month with our cherry-on-top Kakimori Pop Up event. Words are not enough to describe how much I enjoyed myself and I'm excited to see what Yoseka's new friendship with Kakimori will bring in the future! 

Of course, we have also been busy adding lots of new stationery this past month and here are some that are featured in the photo above (from top left):

Kyupodo Letterpress Postcards
BGM Clear Stamps, Washi Tapes and Flake Stickers
Yoseka Ceramics Watercolors
OURS Card Folder Book
ystudio Bihex Rollerball Pen
Shinnippon Moon Calendars
Hobonichi 2023
Hobonichi Official Guidebook 2023
Diamine Shimmer Inks
Diamine Guitar Inks
Diamine 150th Anniversary Inks
Blackwing Hovel Pencil Plane Sharpener
Loi Design Letterpress Pads
Pilot Vanishing Point 2022 Limited Edition Red Coral
Sailor Shikiori 5th Anniversary Minori
Yoseka Kakimori Exclusive Inks - Hello and Try Me
Hightide 2023 Planners

Not pictured New Additions:

LAMY Studio 2022 Special Edition - Dark Brown
Kleid 2023 Planners
Hobby Stationery Box Volume 63
Classiky Storage Box
Furukawa Paper - Pick Me Up Pharmacy
Platinum Plaisir Aura Color of the Year

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    Hello! i preordered Traveler’s Company products on 9/28 order #83685. I was curious what the anticipated ship date was for those products. Thank you!

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