Blackwing Høvel

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The Blackwing Høvel is a unique pencil sharpener that allows you to customize your pencil points. The Høvel, or "hand plane" in Norwegian, works like a traditional woodworking plane that fits right in the palm of your hand. It consists of a black metal body to which a blade is clamped on, and a matching wooden base to rest your Høvel when not in use. To sharpen a pencil with the Høvel, simply grab both ends of the Høvel in your dominant hand and shave the pencil point away from your body. You can achieve different points by holding the plane at different angles and/or changing the depth of the blade in the body. 

Blackwing worked with Makers Cabinet to create the Blackwing Høvel. A team of designers and inventors of the Høvel pencil plane, Makers Cabinet focuses on creating stationery tools that are non-disposable and waste-free. The Blackwing Høvel is made from anodized aluminum designed to last a lifetime, and uses steel replacement blades.

  • Anodized aluminum body with matching wooden base.
  • Includes 10 carbon steel replacement blades
  • Can be used to sharpen any wooden pencil, as well as charcoal and pastels.