Happy May!

Happy May!
Happy May! But where did April go? Is anyone else feeling like that? Despite how it feels, looking back now, we realize we’ve actually done a lot and added a lot of new stationery this month! And together with Soraya @sorayadesignsthings , we have been working on improving our website, making things more easily searchable, re-writing descriptions and re-taking old photos. It’s a slow and steady process but we are chugging along! With all this time at home, we have also been exchanging some letters with friends, finding new ways to keep in touch with loved ones, giving ourselves something to look forward to everyday by nurturing seeds into what will one day (hopefully) become full plants, watching lots of good and bad tv, eating too many snacks and drinking lots of tea. Soraya also wrote her first blog post on Yoseka’s blog about how she’s been communicating and keeping close with her family during this time. If the middle and end of March, when all this started, was about coming to grips with the shock of all the changes that were happening, for us, April was about slowly settling in to new routines and learning and seeing how resilient we all can be in times like this, how we can recalibrate ourselves and keep doing the best we all can; it was a blurry but good month and hopefully it was for you too.

From top left to bottom right:
Kobe, Kyo No Oto, Kyo Iro, and Kaweco fountain pen inks
Shachihata ink pads
Uni Boxy 100, Limex
Tsubame ink collection cards
Sailor 1911L 4am, Black Luster, Ringless Epinard; Sailor Pro Gear Slim Blue Dwarf
Sailor Shikiori Fairy Tale Series
Midori rotating paintable stamps
Kobito Stamps
Papier Platz washi tape
Kamio Color Swatch stickers
BGM washi tapes
Blackwing Volume 840 - Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Tribute
SARASA Grand Vintage series
Stalogy Editor’s Series 1/2 year in B6 size

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