Happy Holidays from Team Yoseka!

Happy Holidays from Team Yoseka!

Happy Holidays everyone! It seems like everyday our team comes in buzzing with excitement and energy for the busy day ahead and we have had plenty of those thanks to you all! 

In November, we introduced a new brand here at Yoseka: BUNGUBOX! Anyone who follows the Japanese fountain pen world closely will have heard of this stationery store and seen the delectable beauties dreamt up in the mind of the founder, Kaoru Yamagishi. Many of their exclusive fountain pens sell out and have long wait lists and this past month, we were excited to introduce some of their special editions from the Alice in Wonderland-inspired series and more. 

On our blog this month, we also published our annual Holiday Gift Guide, announced the shop's holiday hours and posted our holiday shipping deadlines. New on our YouTube channel this past month, we have added our regular weekly Catching Ups as well as Unboxings for the new MU Holiday Print-On Stickers, Japanese stationery brand G.C. Press, Fonte Pens and a feature on Hightide Planner formats. 

May designed a DIY Holiday Ornament Card and also did an amazing job working on Edition 05 of our Yoseka Highlights Postcard (pictured). 

Of course, we have also been busy adding lots of new stationery this past month:

Pentel Milky Brush Markers
Pentel Milky Gel Pens
G.C. Press Stationery
MU Print-On Christmas Collection
MU My Icon Clear Stamp Set 
LAMY Safari - Special Editions
Sanby INK BIYORI Date Stamp
Eric Small Things - Rubber Stamp Mat
Replug Sticky Note Tag Schedule
BUNGUBOX Exclusive Pens and Inks
New SODA Transparent Tape
Dominant Industry - November Leaves No. 118
Dominant Industry - Pearl - October Leaves No. 024
mt Washi Tape - Christmas Collection
New BGM Washi Tape
Standardgraph Meter Folding Ruler
Hobonichi 5-Year Techo Covers
Midori Letterpress Die-Cut Letter Set
Pilot Vanishing Point SE - Marble Colors
Kaweco Sport - Collectors - Sage
Kaweco AL Sport - Collectors - Ruby
Sailor Follow the Mermaid Fountain Pens 
TWSBI Swipe Ice Blue
Platinum 3776 Century - Shape of Heart
Shachihata Iromoyo Warabe 
Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen
Pilot Explorer Fountain Pen
Fonte Pens
Kyo No Oto Ginkaisyoku 

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