Happy February!

Happy February!

February is here and 2020 is feeling very real : ) After the holidays, Neil and I took a short break from the shop at the beginning of the year. We were thinking about going somewhere (last year we went to LA--it was my first time on the West Coast and it was so much fun), but before we knew it was December 28th and we still hadn't made any definite plans or booked any tickets so we decided to have a staycation in New York and do/visit some of the things and places that had been on our list! We wrote down the list of places we went in our recent blogpost. Check it out here!

This month, we are kicking off our workshops with Soraya @sorayadesignsthings who is an amazing embroidery artist and many of you probably have met her here at the shop. Our favorite returning Drawing Night with Meagan @meaganillustrates and Beginner Brush Lettering with Becky @wellspringwrites workshops are scheduled up to March. 

We have also added lots of new stationery in January. From top left to bottom right:
Kaweco Student Transparent
Kaweco Student Transparent 70’s Soul
TWSBI RoseGold
Pilot Custom 912 Falcon Nib
Sailor Manyo Inks
Pilot Automac Mechanical Pencil
Kokuyo 60th Anniversary book bands and notebooks
Sailor 1911s in Anchor Grey, Stormy Sea, 4am and Key Lime
Pilot Justus in Medium Nib
Life Irokei Memo
Kokuyo Pasta Crayon Markers
Midori Index Clips
Mindwave Stickers
Sailor Mini (store display only)
Life Chit Sketch Notebook
Zebra Click Art markers
and Zebra Mildliner Brush markers 🙌

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