First day of March!

First day of March!

Not February 29th 😀 It’s been a crazy 12 months since we first closed in-store. A lot has changed, and we are all adjusting and learning in the store and beyond. Personally, we’ve been trying to convince or sign up vaccine appointments for our parents, and thanks to the recent change in PPP loan rules, we can finally apply!

This past month, we’ve worked on two big videos. One is on Sailor line width comparison and the other one is a feature on MU print-on stickers. We’ve been working on updating many color guides as well, and as always, we added lots of new and fun stationery throughout the month.

At Yoseka, we love to challenge ourselves and learn as a team. While the store is closed, we are using this time to focus on making more videos. Through these videos, we hope they could be very helpful as a learning resource for many common questions we receive. In the meantime, we are having fun learning about lighting, editing, and making dramatic YouTube thumbnails :)

This month, we are working on details for our project - Yoseka Origin Series. It was originally set to release this month, but it’s been delayed till May for now.

Here’s what we added last month:

Hobonichi Doraemon Secret Pocket Memo
Papier Platz Washi Tape - eric small things, SUNDAY SUNDAY

Lamy 2021 edition - Savannah Green, Terra Red

Pilot Spare Sign Pen

Sailor Pen of the Year 2021

TWSBI ECO Smoke RoseGold

Pilot Vanishing Point - Raden

Pilot Parallel Pens in new sizes
Kokuyo Masking Tape Cutter - Nordic Forest Edition

Pilot Petit

Hobonichi Doraemon Clear Stamp

SARASA Clip Milk Color

Shachihata Memo Pad and Tin & Washi Tapes

Hobonichi April Start

For more, check under new arrivals section 😊

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