Daisy's 2019 Planners

Daisy's 2019 Planners

Many Midori planners arrived yesterday and we will have more coming to our shop in the next few weeks. Thought it would be fun to share some of the planners that I’ve been using this year, since the newly arrived planners are actually what I have been using a lot this year! Midori Minimal Diary Monthly — for my monthly planning, appointments, tracking friend’s birthdays and monthly goals. Midori Diary A5 — for my daily todo lists. Traveler’s Notebook — for daily journaling.

I love to use FriXion pens and highlighters in my monthly planner since FriXion pens are erasable so it comes in handy when plans are changed or when I made a mistake (when I first started planning, I was using a regular ballpoint pen and had so many unsightly cross-outs so switching to FriXion was a lifesaver!!) I use the highlighters to categorize the different type of events and it’s been really fun for me to be able to flip back through the pages to look back on when we hung out with friends, where we went, etc. and when we stayed in and cooked dinner (and what we cooked!) OHTO Horizon is a smooth fine pen that I use to jot down many details and I just love to always have one with me. In my journal, I have been loving writing with my Kakuno with the Con-70 converter, which holds a lot of ink. And since our shop started to get more inks, I have been especially excited about being able to switch between many different colors! At the moment, I really like blue/green inks and I think Pilot’s Iroshizuku Ama-Iro will be next.  : )

I’ve been thinking a lot about what planner system I will be using in 2020 but I’m not sure just yet. We will have more planners from Hobonichi coming at the end of the month. Neil uses Hobonichi Cousin, and he’ll be sharing how he uses his soon : )

What planner/planners have you all been using and loving?

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