Classic Hi-Tec-C by Pilot and it’s 19 colors at Yoseka

Classic Hi-Tec-C by Pilot and it’s 19 colors at Yoseka

Classic Hi-Tec-C by Pilot and it’s 19 colors at Yoseka. Hi-Tec-C is a classic gel pen that goes way back to 1994. Before that in the 80s, Pilot came out with Hi-Tecpoint rollerball series with a special mechanism that locks a tiny metal rollerball securely at the top of it’s needle point pen tip. Hi-Tec-C is inspired by G series gel pen (which was probably to rival Signo), combining with the tip of Hi-Tecpoint.

Growing up in Taiwan in the 90s, there were always two camps — either Hi-Tec-C or Uni-Ball Signo. Both brands are really smooth and can write really fine, but the loyal fans of each brand always like to stick with their own brand. The fine point and the colors are really great for students to write tiny notes between text. And they are also fun for journaling.

Unlike SARASA and Signo with their consistent ~50 color options, Hi-Tec-C actually reduces their colors to just 10 currently. They probably have too many brands to work on right now. It’s a little hard to keep track how many colors they have come out since 1994 but we found about 35 colors, and at our shop we got 19 of them. In some way, they are nostalgic to us and well these 9 additional colors are now basically limited editions now 😂

Some fun notes: We remember seeing a Twitter last year about a rare Hi-Tec-C light grey color selling at 2000 on Amazon Japan. People really love Hi-Tec-C 😮


0.25 Hi-Tec-Cs are available in Black, Blue and Red.

0.3mm Hi-Tec-Cs are available in Black, BlueRed, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, VioletLight BlueBrown (Total 10 color) and 10 color set.

0.4mm Hi-Tec-Cs are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, VioletLight Blue, Brown, Aqua Blue, Blue Black, Lavender, Coral Pink, Pompadour, Sapphire Blue, Ultramarine, Clear BlueEmerald Green (Total of19 color) and set of first 10 color

0.5mm Hi-Tec-Cs are available in Black and Blue.


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  • GZ Winchester

    H-Tec-C has always been a favorite of mine ever since a Japanese tourist customer left me her blue .25 pen with me. It took years after that in the 90’s for me to find it in the USA. I had all 42 colors of the Hi-Tec-C then. Sadly, those pens are all dry and have been tossed. Had I known then that colors would be discontinued, I’d have saved them. I hope they come out with those colors again. The grays, browns, and oranges were some of the prettiest hues.

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