Classic Fountain Pen By Sen Handmade - Yoseka edition

Classic Fountain Pen By Sen Handmade - Yoseka edition

Happy fountain pen day : ) It couldn’t be a better day to announce our new fountain pen with Sen Handmade. This is a special edition that we worked with Sen to came up for our store. Each pen is hand crafted by Sen. Sen works with pen stores to design a special version for each store, and we are honored to be one of them. This Yoseka edition fountain pen is finished with silver splashing that is different on each body. The aluminum body is light and doesn't add too much stress to your writing, and it just looks cool and amazing.

Sen is not only known for making his pen, but also making a special type of pen -- glass nib fountain pen. In our store, in addition to Yoseka edition, we showcase two more glass nib fountain pens from him. Sen is really kind to let us display his works in our store. The glass nib is so smooth, the metallic body is so beautiful and the color subtly changes under different light angles.

Classic Fountain Pen - Yoseka Edition



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