Bronze Age by Fine Writing International

Bronze Age by Fine Writing International

6/30/2019: Bronze Age and Bronze Age Golden Armour by Fine Writing International side by side
5/25/2019 Update: The sixth generation, Golden Armour is available. 
4/25/2019 Update: New arrivals added under new page

This week, we are really excited to feature new pens from Fine Writing International!
Bronze Age is the latest limited series by them. The design is inspired by a Chinese mythical beast called Taotie, a monster and also a popular motif on many bronze vessels during Chinese Bronze Age.

FWI believes in user experience, and you can really feel that in their pens. The threads on the pen are hardly noticeable. The pen has a comfortable size and a balanced weight. The brass adds a little more weight to the pen, and overall the pen is really comfortable to hold and easy to write. The cap has a spring seal mechanism to prevent the nib from drying. Lots of details making this pen great to write with. And for those who writes a lot, this pen can also be used as an eyedropper!
Fine Writing International is a Taiwanese company that started in 2011. They take special request to custom make beautiful pens and they also produce their own series of pens. They are best known for their pens that can be used either with converter or as an eyedropper interchangeably. The body is made with a strong acrylic material that's designed to hold ink sealed and secure. In recent years, they have been coming out with many series and pens with interesting design. 

All pens are available on our website under Categories and Fine Writing International. The Bronze Age pen comes with Fine nib by default. On checkout page, leave us a message if you want a different nib in Extra Fine, Medium or Broad as long as we have them available.

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