bLen ballpoint pen by Zebra

bLen ballpoint pen by Zebra

bLen ballpoint pen by Zebra. Since last December, Zebra has sold more than 5 millions of bLen. Wow! We think it’s pretty fair to call bLen a superstar in the 2019 pen world 😀 The pen is a collaboration between Zebra and a famous Japanese design firm, nendo. The collaboration set a high expectation even before the release, but it probably had less impact in America, since nendo is lesser known here. The design of bLen covers not only the fresh look but also a well thought out inside. Near the tip of the pen, it has a brass component to lower the center of gravity. The pen body has a tighter grip of the core, which stabilizes the pen as you write. Next time you are here, try it out and see how you like it!

Note: the regular body is black and white. These are the limited colors.

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