Anniversary Featured Artists - Miwa

Anniversary Featured Artists - Miwa
Our next artist is MiwaWhen you walk into our shop, Miwa’s works are right by the entrance. It’s hard not to notice the colorful ceramics and we love how her bright pieces add so much more to our shop. Miwa is a ceramics artist originally from Tokyo and now living in Sunnyside. She creates her art pieces just a few blocks away from us at Sculpture Space NYC. Each of her works is unique and an abstract mix of Japanese tradition and pop elements that she has found inspiration from while living in Japan, Ohio and now NYC (swipe right to see her works). We are happy to be able to call Miwa a personal friend and really glad she decided to check out the store the day we met. Miwa is kind, thoughtful, hard-working and fun, and she also has a very distinct and intriguing view of the world and we love talking to her about many things. We’ll always remember the conversation we had with Miwa about art and how she described it as different cultures influencing each other and how art appears when they clash. We’ve just loved chatting with her and getting to know her better this year and occasionally, she is also our Japanese translator for those intricate descriptions on some Japanese stationery! We’ve learned so many things from Miwa this past year and look forward to many more fun times spent together :)

In many ways, Miwa is inspirational to us because she is so dedicated to her work. Like me and Neil, Miwa has a day job. She uses nights after work and weekends to work in the studio and she always stops by the store just as we are finishing our day to head to the studio and stay late working. Miwa also takes commissioned works and her works are also found 
@heretosunday in Brooklyn. We’re so glad that many of our customers have become big fans of her unique pieces, and it truly makes us happy when we see someone admiring Miwa’s art since it’s made by someone we love.

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