About us

About us

Yoseka Stationery is the US branch of Yoseka, which was founded in 1981 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, where I (Neil) grew up. My wife (Daisy) and I started Yoseka Stationery in 2017 as a way of introducing Asian stationery to the US. 

Growing up in Taiwan, my parents' stationery store was my playground and it was always easy for me to access any notebooks, pens and pencils available in the store whenever I needed them. 

About 10 years ago, I moved to America, and it didn't take me long to realize how lucky I was to have grown up surrounded by all the supplies I needed to encourage my daily creativity. During school breaks, I'd always stock up on stationery supplies whenever I went back to Taiwan and start the semester fresh. It was a ritual of mine.

Stationery has always been special for me and I think the same is true for anyone who grew up in Asia. Everyone has their own unique pencil case packed with a never-ending rotation of colorful and cute pens, highlighters, pencils, erasers and stickies. I believe that for me, and all of my friends growing up in Taiwan, our stationery was an extension of ourselves and who we were as students, creators and thinkers. I continue to take my stationery very seriously and will always have respect for the power of simple tools and a notebook to organize my thoughts throughout the day. 

The access I had to good, reliable and fun stationery has shaped the way I work and create to this day. Daisy and I would love to share this with you as well.

Daisy and Neil

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