Yoseka Stationery

Yoseka Tote Bag

We know how important it is to carry your stationery items with you wherever you go. This Yoseka Tote Bag was custom designed with you in mind. Incorporating the quality design elements that are so important to us - practicality, durability, and humble beginnings - this bag is a product of our love for stationery and love for our wonderful customers. 

This waterproof nylon-lined canvas bag features a spacious bottom gusset, sturdy handles, beautiful stitch details, and a bold Yoseka logo that honors our Taiwanese origins dating back to 1981. 

What started as a lightbulb idea at the beginning of pandemic lockdown back in March quickly grew into a dedicated design process over the course of several months. Each detail of the bag, from the size, the gusset, the materials, and specific color was designed by Soraya, Daisy, and Neil.

This bag fits a multitude of items. Pack your favorite notebooks, reusable water bottle, homemade lunch, pens, or watercolors with room to spare! Standing tall from base to bag opening at 14", this bag's carrying capabilities seem endless. 

We hope that this custom made Yoseka Tote Bag reminds you of the happy days you spent in our store, feeling awe at the sight of a new ink or joy at holding a fountain pen for the first or 100th time. This is more than a bag, it's a connection from our stationery loving hearts to yours. 

  • Dimensions: 23" (from base to top of handles), 12.5"W
  • 4" base
  • Waterproof, Nylon-lined
  • Gussett bottom
  • Design on one side of bag