Vermilion Notebook - B6 - Ruled

Vermilion Notebook - B6 - Ruled. Vermilion Notebook is a simple and clean notebook that comes with a soft cover and stitched binding. Inside you will find the same luxuriously smooth, acid-free, fountain pen friendly writing paper that comes in their Noble Note Line of notebooks and their Margin Line of notebooks, but the cover of Vermilion Notebook is not quite as decorated. In place of the embellished antique border that you would find on Life's Noble Note, this notebook has a simple and elegant vermilion-colored border with a clean wave design. Also on the cover you will find two lines to write in your name or designated subject, making this notebook an excellent option for a student or other heavy note-taker. This is a simple and straightforward notebook for a notebook user who appreciates a clean notebook cover and high quality paper. 

  • Size: B6
  • N67
  • 32 sheets
  • Cream paper
  • Lined
  • Dark red/vermilion lines 
  • 0.3 in (7 mm) line spacing
  • Available in A6, B6 and A5
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