Uni-ball One - City Pop Color - 0.38mm - Limited Edition

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These limited edition Uni-Ball One colors comprise fun palettes that are inspired by the scenes of city life. You can choose between the bright lights of downtown on a Friday night, the calm and sunny beach on a Saturday morning, or the romantic sunset on a Sunday evening. 

The Uni-ball One is a gel pen released by Uni in February of 2020. These pens come with a newly developed ink that is darker and more vivid due to larger pigment particles that are less likely to be absorbed into the paper surface. This specialty ink dries fast and writes smoothly, comparable to other Uni-ball gel pens, such as the fan-favorite Signo.  

  • Release: February 2022
  • 0.38mm
  • Available individually in 0.38mm or 0.5mm
  • Available as Set of 3 - 0.38mm or Set of 3 - 0.5mm
    • Friday Night: Neon Green, Midnight Purple, and Pink (regular color)
    • Saturday Morning: Sunny Day Blue, Palm Green, and Yellow (regular color)
    • Sunday Evening: Twilight Purple, Orange Cocktail, and Light Pink (regular color)

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