Pilot Vanishing Point 2024 Limited Edition - Seashore (Coming mid-September)

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Pilot's 2024 Limited Edition Vanishing Point, Seashore, is inspired by the serene beauty and captivating colors of the coastline, Seashore embodies the tranquil essence of sandy shores meeting the endless depths of the ocean. Limited to just 2,024 pieces worldwide, the Seashore Vanishing Point is a testament to Pilot's dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design.

This year's edition features an ombre design, beginning with a pearlescent, white sand color at the retractable mechanism, gradually transitioning into a mesmerizing aqua, and then into a deep-sea turquoise, all shimmering with a subtle sparkle. This unique gradient offers an elegant and refreshing writing experience. The gift box has the same ombre gradient featured on the pen, and can be used to prop up and display the Vanishing Point when not in use.


  • Available in Medium nib only
  • 18k gold, rhodium plated nib
  • Numbered limited edition, only 2024 available world wide
  • The pen comes with a CON-40 and a blue cartridge
  • Compatible cartridges can be found here: Pilot/Namiki Fountain Pens
  • Nib replacement unit: Available in Black, Gold, and Rhodium
  • Packaged in a vertical gift box that can prop up the Vanishing Point / Capless
  • Release date: September 16, 2024 

About Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point:

In 1963, Pilot released the first ever retractable fountain pen. After clicking the push button, the nib slides forward and pushes the lid down. By clicking the push button again, the nib retracts and the lid springs up, shutting the gap air-tight to prevent the ink from drying out. The nib is slim to fit inside the pen, and it folds down to grab the feed tightly to handle the constant movements. 
The very first version of Capless was actually a much more complicated mechanism to twist and expose the nib — and it was a result of 6 years research. It’s also worth noting that after the war in Japan, the businesses were booming, and many brands were willing to invest in product developments. Many brands we mentioned before such as Midori (Dimond Memo), Radar (SEED eraser) and Sailor (first ballpoint, first ink cartridge and first 21K gold nib) all had some notable products around this time. Pilot, too, was busy. Aside from Capless, Elite and Custom Series were introduced, and the first 0.5mm ballpoint with stainless steel tip was introduced by Pilot as well. For the past 50 years, there has been 11 different generations of Capless.